In our Investment-as-a-Service business, we enable our partners to integrate best-in-class investment services into their offerings. Our partners leverage our existing regulatory, operational, and technical structures without having to establish them themselves. Our investment services can be used in a modular fashion and combined as required.


In addition to holding your clients’ securities in safe custody, we can offer all necessary cash accounts.

Principal Broking

We enable our partners to trade securities via API.

Digital Wealth Management

We offer a broad range of wealth management services, including the use of model portfolios, rebalancing, and flexible pricing models.

Our partners

The ETF-based investment offering of the WeltSparen platform (ETF Robo) will in future be based on the Investment-as-a-Service solutions of Raisin Bank. WeltSparen offers its clients access to attractive savings and investment products throughout Europe. Around 1 million customers from 30+ countries have invested more than 50 billion euros in deposits via the WeltSparen platform.


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